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ThermiVa Handpiece - Sydney
ThermiVa – Sydney Australia

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is the newest non-surgical vaginal tightening procedure coming to Australia.  It gives women non-surgical options for problems which could only be treated with medication or invasive surgery before.  ThermiVa uses radio frequency to deliver gentle heat to the vulvar region needing treatment to promote collagen and tighten skin.

When Will it be Available? 

I am thrilled to be the First doctor in Australia to be able to offer ThermiVa to my patients! We are expecting to begin treating patients as early as December of 2015.

Is There Any Pain?

The treatment is completely non-surgical and therefore without any recovery period.  The heat produced by the device is controlled by the patient and no, there is no pain! This procedure is for women who do not want surgery or are not a candidate for surgery.  There is no cutting, no stitches and the results are seen and felt immediately.  You may resume sexual intercourse the day of your treatment without any pain or worry.

How Long is The Treatment?

The treatments last between 15 and 30 minutes and you will need 3 treatments one month apart.  Results typically last about 12 month and a touch up session is recommended (if needed) annually.

What Does ThermiVa Treat?

  • Tightens Vaginal Canal
  • Increases Orgasm Strength
  • Heightens Vagina Sensitivity / G Spot Sensitivity
  • Prolongs Orgasms and Increases Frequency
  • Shrinks the labia majora
  • Tightens the labia minora
  • Improves Mild to Moderate Stress Incontinence
  • Increases Wetness
  • Improves Mild Prolapse
ThermiVa Australia
ThermiVa Device – Sydney


ThermiVa is not the same as surgical labiaplasty or surgical vaginal muscle tightening.  Severe cases of large and loose labia and vaginal canal laxity may still require permanent surgery.

Please call or email me to schedule a consultation or to further discuss and learn more about how ThermiVa may benefit you.