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Hymenoplasty - Hymen Repair - Sydney
Hymenoplasty – Sydney Australia

What is Hymenoplasty and Does It Work?

Hymen restoration or hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure which uses the remnants of the hymenal ring to reattach the

hymen after it has been torn.  This procedure can only be performed on women who have not given birth.

Who needs Hymen Restoration Surgery?

Women who request this procedure do so for religious and or cultural reasons.  Virginity is sometimes a prerequisite to marriage and in some cultures may be met with physical and or emotional harm if the bride is found not to be a virgin after marriage.

How Long is Recovery and How Long is the Surgery?

Hymenoplasty surgery takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour and is performed under local anesthesia.  A tin layer of the remaining hymenal tissue is reattached to the vaginal opening and upon penetration will tear and bleed again.

Recovery will take between 5 to 7 weeks and sexual intercourse should be avoided until after 7 weeks.